Somatic Movement is a method that seeks to eliminate muscle pain due to chronic tension, from whatever cause. This tension can build up over years and eventually, if not released fully, can affect how we sit, walk and move about in our daily life. In fact, we can get so used to carrying our discomfort or pain around that we accept it as just something we have to put up with.

Over time we find ourselves limiting how we move, noticing how our posture is changing, maybe even losing confidence in how we go about daily tasks.

How does it work?

Somatic Movement is a gentle but thorough approach. The idea is to give the client the tools with which to address their muscle pain and gradually shift it.  Specific exercises are taught, either individually or in a class.  From these exercises the client develops a home practice to continue and maintain their improvements themselves at home.

The exercises work to retrain the brain in the neuro-messages it sends to these over-worked muscles. Done slowly and with complete attention, the movements address the learned, habitual muscular tension that underlies the pain.

Classes & Personal Sessions

Group Class: Wednesdays 6.30pm Online      Private sessions: by appointment

I teach Somatic Movement over terms of 6-week duration, each class lasts one hour.

Personal sessions are also available, whether in-person or online.

And it’s enjoyable! As the movements are so slow and focused, they are very relaxing and grounding.

For myself, even with all my years of yoga practice, I have found Somatics has improved my own range of movement. I find the movements calming and relaxing and an important element in self-care.

Group Class: Wednesdays 6.30pm Online

Private sessions: by appointment

Somatic Movement 6-week term (online) €90

Somatic Movement personal session €60

Somatic Movement 3 x personal sessions €150

Your Commitment

Somatics does require commitment. Deep muscle tension doesn’t build up in a day. For many people the tension may have developed over years. Whether the pain is due to an unresolved injury, emotional holding, poor posture, overuse due to work demands or over-exercising, it takes time and focus to begin to ease the tension. Yet, the benefits are real and, if the home practice is maintained, the effects can be long-lasting.

The method is taught in stages, each exercise building on the previous one. Somatic Movement is done slowly and intentionally, focusing consciously on the feeling of the contacting muscle and on its gradual release.



Similar to starting anything new it has taken some time to settle into a rhythm and to set aside space in the evening to attend to this practice. However, this has become easier recently as I have become more aware and started to listen to my body and how it naturally wants to move into a more aligned posture which has encouraged me to take out my mat and practice.

I have found the movements where the back is connected to the floor very grounding (Arch & Flatten, Pelvic Clock) and naturally gravitate towards these movements. This practice invites me to come back and be present with myself (internal world/landscape) which is very welcome.

Somatics Client

I enjoy Somatics because for a few hours in the week I experience body wholeness. After a session, this aged body stands tall. Before last Tuesday’s class I felt very tired and disinclined to participate. However, after the session I felt energised. I will be continuing with Somatic Movement.

Thanks to Sally – I appreciate her caring and skilful direction.

Somatics Client